About me...

Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz....

My name is Lisa Love.  I am a wife, a dance mom, a Christian, a Domestic Goddess, a US Navy veteran and a full-time billing clerk at a trucking company.  I am a ham radio operator (look at the url of this blog - that's my callsign!).  I am a Weight Watcher & also a half-assed FlyBaby.  I have a wide variety of interests, so my posts may be a bit scattered.  I write about whatever floats my boat at the moment.

I LOVE Halloween & am always on the lookout for ideas that may be used in my house and yard display, the Maple Grove Cemetery.

I tied the knot with my sweetie, Randy, on July 8, 2006 and were together several years before that happy day.  Our 20 year old daughter, Angela is my pride & joy.  We have 3 sassy cats & a Beagle & a 16+ year old pleco fish named Mr. Clean.  Our house may be small but it's home.

Thanks for stopping by!


Here's an additional 123 random things about me
(aka more than you probably care to know!)

These are no way in order, just as I thought of them.

1. I love being married.

2. I love being a Mom.

3. Sometimes I regret not having more kids.

4. Sometimes I’m happy I only have 1 kid!!!

5. My family can drive me nuts. And I don't only mean the ones in my house.

6. I wish I could dance like my kid does.  She's a studio competition dancer - tap, jazz, hiphop, ballet, lyrical, pointe - she does it all.  I'm more of a free-style type dancer.

7. I was in the US Navy for 7 years, 362 days. My title was PC2(AW) or Postal Clerk, Petty Officer Second Class, Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist.

8. I sometimes regret getting out of the Navy. I loved all aspects of it. On the other hand - my life would be different now & I won't trade that for anything.

9. I am a omnivore. God made animals taste good for a reason!

10.  I am a Christian. I was baptized July 4, 2010 - what better day than that??

11. I am the youngest of 5.  Or next to last of 6, depending on how anal you want to be.  My parents adopted my brother's daughter when she was 7, so she's my niece / sister.  And she's named after me, so I'm sure it freaked out my old high school teachers to see another Lisa Owens on their class lists!

12. I have 2 older sisters & 2 older brothers.  My sisters and I's names all begin with L, end with A and our middle names rhyme.  Laura Lee, Linda Bea & Lisa Marie.  Dad named us and supposedly it was a coincidence.  Most of the males in the family are named after Dad, James Curtis.  Curtis James (late half-brother), John James, Terry Curtis and going into the nephews....James Richard & Alexander Curtis.  

13. I was born on my oldest sister's 13th birthday.  Happy day to her!!

14. I love all my furry critters !!!  I consider myself to be bi-petual since I love dogs & cats equally.  Well....maybe cats a wee bit more.

15. My amateur radio call sign is a vanity call. N8LisaTheGreat.

16. I love to play hidden object games on the computer.

17. I log onto halloweenforum.com pretty regularly, year-round.  You can't have a big display like mine without planning!

18. I am silently judging your spelling & grammar.

19. I am a sympathy crier.  If I see someone crying, it's likely that I'll tear up, too.  And the National Anthem and Taps never fail to choke me up.

20. I am a morning person.

21. I enjoy watching "visitors" to our bird feeder - except for the furry black & white ones.

22. I've learned the hard way that character is more important than looks.

23. I'd like to live in Arkansas, altho summer heat & humidity would do me in.

24. I'd really like to visit the Buckstaff Bathhouse in Hot Springs more than I currently get to!!

25. I hate stupid drivers. My definition of stupid is very fluid - it will change with the traffic I'm in.

26. ME LIKE HOCKEY !!! Especially the Detroit Red Wings.

27. I think football and basketball is boring and baseball players are overpaid sissies.

28. I miss the friendships I made while in the Navy.  We're scattered all over the U.S.!  Don't get me wrong, Randy is my best friend but it would be nice to have some close female friends to hang out with.

29. I get impatient. When I know something is going to happen (trips, blogging challenges, etc) I want to plan and do NOW.

30. I love horses & horseback riding.

31. I'm thrilled to watch my kid on and around a horse.

32. I want to visit all 50 states.

33. I am proud to be Randy's wife.

34. I am proud to be Angel's mom.

35. Def Leppard has been my favorite band since high school.

36. I used to have 5 tattoos, but now I have 4. I wanted to cover one up that didn't age well and the artist updated and added to another tattoo - covering the ugly one in the process.

37. I want to get one more. I just don't know where or what yet. Something with "DAD" on it maybe. Or a paw print for Skeeter, the first cat I had as an adult....

38. I like to decorate for all holidays. I go crazy at Halloween!

39. I like to decorate my desk at work for all holidays. I take my most obnoxious stuff there - to annoy people - LOL!

40. Old buildings / houses fascinate me.

41. I like to do stuff with my hands.

42. I am creative and have a good imagination.

43. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project. Then I like to "survey" what I've done!

44. I like things that are unique / unusual / odd / different / funky.

45. I like to try new things; food, experiences, etc.

46. I am still somewhat miffed that we missed going to Australia while in the Navy (WestPac '95). I really wanted to try real authentic Vegemite handed to me by a real Aussie.

47. Sometimes I wish I had a wife to clean the house for me.

48. Sometimes I wish I only worked part time so then #47 wouldn't apply!

49. I have a colorful vocabulary. 8 years in the Navy and 18 around truck drivers...yes.  Cuss words add flavor!  However, I don't use the F-bomb....often. 

50. Cemeteries fascinate me - the older the better! The art, history and peace are incredible.

51. I re-read books multiple times and I do know the difference between smutty romance novels & real life.

52. I am wordy and pay a lot of attention (maybe too much) to detail. And use exclamation points a lot.

53. I fully believe that nature is the art of God.

54. I will shriek like a little girl if a spider gets on me.

55. I think some bugs are cute - ladybugs, roly polys, dragonflies, butterflies, praying mantises. That's IT.

56. I am generally a happy person.  I choose to be.

57. I had a hysterectomy July 2016.  I never knew major surgery could be so wonderful!  But they left my ovaries in, so PMS is still a thing.  Meh.

58. I own a gun. 12 gauge single shot shotgun.

59. I enjoy my plants. They're all over my house!

60. I talk to my plants and all the critters.

61. I believe my cats can tell time, especially dinner time.

62. I think feet are ugly. Only baby feet are cute.

63. I was married twice before I met Randy. 3rd time really is a charm !!

64. I believe this marriage will be for life because we were married in a church, in front of God & family instead of making an appointment at a courthouse like the first 2.

65. One of my tattoos says "Love" on it - so Randy is stuck with me forever!

66. I appreciate him so much since he accepted me with a ready-made family - kid & cat.  And sometimes I swear Angel is his biological kid - they're both equally stubborn butt-heads!

67. I have a large collection of Hot Wheels monster trucks.

68. By 10 years old, Dad had taught me to make his favorite vodka martini, extra dry on the rocks with 14 olives.  My siblings and I made these in honor of him when he passed away in 2009 and I think we all gagged. EW!!

69. I have a loud laugh.

70. Spring is my favorite season, followed closely by fall.  Or maybe fall, followed closely by spring?

71. I like to read a wide variety of blogs & would like to be as witty as some of those people!

72. Kermit the Frog rocks!

73. "HairNation", XM channel 39 is preset in my car. Love my 80's Hair Metal!

74. I love thunderstorms.

75. I am a NWS certified SkyWarn Weather Spotter.

76. I color my hair. My natural hair color is mud. Dull, ugly poo ashy brown. I prefer auburn.

77. We are Christian and still celebrate Christmas with Santa and Easter with the Bunny. We know what the real reason of the holiday is, but we choose to have fun, too! 

78. I'm lazy.

79. I get more stuff done around the house when no one else is home. No idea why that is.

80. I almost always make my bed (unless Randy is still in it).

81. I hardly ever paint my fingernails, but in the summer my toenails are always done.

82. I like breakfast for dinner.

83. My camera is never very far away from me.

84. I think digital (and phone) cameras are the greatest invention.

85. I don't understand how anyone can abuse / neglect kids or animals.

86. OMG! Don't freakin' stand behind me while I'm at a computer! HATE THAT!!!!

87. I can drive a manual transmission.

88. I don't watch much TV in general. I will watch SNL or Top Gear (oh, excuse me - The Grand Tour) with the hubby and Glee or the show of the moment with the girl. The only thing I go out of my way to watch is RuPaul's Drag Race. Love me some Ru!

89. I'd love to live in one of those big old Victorian houses, or those barn houses. Something unusual and/or unique. But it needs a big yard or preferably acreage!

90. I hate the mall.

91. I was an average nobody in high school. I wasn’t in any cliques or groups.  Graduated pretty much right smack in the middle of my class.

92. Geocaching is fun.

93. I have a hard time sitting still and watching a movie unless it really captures my attention.

94. In bootcamp, a girl told me she had a hard time understanding my accent. I thought she was nuts until I saw an article about "the Michigan Accent". Wow! I had no idea this was a thing!! 

95. I don't like my voice. I have a lisp and I'm self-conscious about how some words come out.

96. I like to sing, but can only imagine how bad I sound.

97. My iTunes playlists are full of songs that make me want to sing along.

98. I like to cross-stitch. My favorite pieces that I've done is one I got in Alaska before we moved in with Randy & one of 1 Corinthians 13. I’ve working on a haunted house one for way too long.

99. Before I got pregnant with Angel, I was almost alcoholic. I drank a LOT. Now I only have the occasional adult beverage. I can't do those mornings-after anymore. Childbirth was much less painful!

100. I've never smoked. Tried Copenhagen once. I've never done any drugs, either. Never wanted to.

101. I rode a bull once - just to say I did. Epic Fail! I lasted about 4 seconds, landed on my face in the dirt (thankfully ONLY dirt!!) got the wind knocked out of me & a hoof print on the back of my calf.

102. I have over 100 nutcrackers - for all holidays that I've been able to find.  Maybe I need intervention?

103. I love to listen to the rain at night. It makes me sleep really well!

104. I enjoy watching Monster trucks.

105. I don't like really deep water where I can't see the bottom. Funny since I was in the Navy!

106. I love to look at the sky. Daytime clouds, nighttime stars, whenever.

107. I think I believe in ghosts. Never actually saw one but have had a couple experiences that can’t be explained any other way. .

108. Growing up, I spent most weekends & summers "Up North" at "the Farm" with the family. 

109. I was 2 when I was put on a horse the first time. My oldest sister was given Nibbs when she was 15 so I grew up with him.

110. Is anyone actually reading this? 

111. I make lists.  And write stuff on the calendar.  And keep notebooks.  My brain is a busy place & I have to keep on track somehow!

112. I hate folding clothes. And I no longer sort socks - they get tossed into a basket.

113. But I do love my High Efficiency washer & dryer!

114. Whoever invented the dishwasher is my hero.

115. I think my eyes are amazing. I have Dad's eyes and Angel has them, too.  They change color based on mood & what I'm wearing.  They range from haze gray to bright blue.

116. OMG, carbs.  Totally addicted (hence the need for WeightWatchers!)

117. I have a trick knee. I never know when or how bad it will act up.

118. I got bucked off and drug behind a galloping horse before. Sad part is - he had no saddle on! I never let go of the rope I was using for reins. Got stepped on then, too!

119. I have a collection of horse figurines from places I've visited.

120. I don't make small talk or friends easily, which is why I value the few friends that I do have.

121. I was bullied a lot in school, which was probably a deciding factor in my joining the Navy - to get the hell away from Clawson. I genuinely feel sorry for those poor saps I went to school with who married a classmate and still live in there. There's a whole big wide glorious world out there, people!

122. Growing up, I wanted to be a horse trainer. I was even accepted at a college in Ohio for equestrian studies and everything. Until one day I saw a Navy recruiter at school. Bam, sign me up! Later I took some classes for Interior design. But I ended up with an Associates Degree in business, for all that's done me.

123. Growing up, I always said I was going to marry a 90 year old millionaire and never have kids. Well, there's still hope for one part of that - Randy will eventually get old!